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Dr Daniel Goodman DC

To Give. To Do. To Love. To Serve.

Dr. Daniel Goodman is a second generation Chiropractor who was raised with the values and tenants of natural health care through nerve system optimization. As a second generation Chiropractor, Dr. Goodman is not just an advocate for how the Chiropractic lifestyle can influence one's life in a positive way, but is living proof.

After receiving a scholarship in Mathematics from Tulane University, Dr. Goodman earned a Bachelor's degree in English with a Creative Writing emphasis. He went on to teach overseas in the Czech Republic all the while traveling and connecting with people of all different lifestyles and cultures.

After years of serving as an educator, writer and author, Dr. Goodman heard the calling to become a Chiropractor. His need for connection and community was only furthered outside the classroom by gaining the ability to facilitate healing and a holistic lifestyle for his community.

While attending Life Chiropractic College West in California, Dr. Goodman served many non-profit organizations,  orphanages and impoverished communities throughout the world. Dr. Goodman has traveled to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and India for these services.

After falling in love with the rich community-based culture in New Orleans, Dr. Goodman has always set his intentions to serve this community. Dr. Goodman's message of connection through self and community based care has driven his purpose to serve families, veterans, musicians, and service industry members and more throughout the Crescent City.

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