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Frequent Presentations for Education and Empowerment

Dr. Goodman speaks throughout the city on a myriad of topics including natural health, communication, posture, ergonomics and more. These opportunities are almost always free to the public and guests are encouraged to bring friends and families. 

Stay tuned for upcoming engagements or inquire if you would like Dr. Goodman to speak at a venue or event.

Workshops and Tutorials

Services for business, families, and community.

Outside of the office, Dr. Goodman is well-versed and experienced in a number of lifestyle topics and workshops.

Below are a number of workshops that he is available to speak at your company, church, group or gathering in a myriad of action steps that will help you live with more ease.

Office Desk Window


In today's world, sitting is common, and overlooked as detrimental to our health.

Between long hours at work, driving in our commute, and many other daily activities, our bodies are needlessly suffering.

Dr. Goodman goes through a short and informative workshop to show how you can take action steps to improve your function, performance, and posture with strategies for workspace, commute, and lifestyle.

looking into distance


Structure dictates function. If our body's are unbalanced or one is experiencing poor posture, this can translate to stress on the nervous system and in turn our overall life experience.

Through a series of exercises, postural cues and a unique program, Dr Goodman offers valuable information to start making improvements that day.

Hands In


Good teachers do not give the right answers, but ask the right questions.

Many times we have blocks in our own self-talk or interpersonal relationships because of an inability to be heard or be clear. Dr. Goodman's training as a teacher, writer, and more has offered some unique approaches for being able to have more viable communication strategies.

Yoga at Home


There are many facets to natural living. What we eat. What we think. How we care for ourselves. Even how we view the world.

As an expert in holistic health and wellness, Dr. Goodman lends information and strategies toward what avenue may be best for taking on life's stresses in the most accessible way to your personal needs.

man texting

Back Pack and Texting Safety

We live in a unique age of technology. Although innovative, our progressive state has lead to some overlooked issues including text neck and anterior head carriage.

This can be detrimental for development, nerve system expression, and overall health.

Dr. Goodman shows for the youth and people alike how to properly use backpacks and cellphones for their long term betterment. 

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