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Upper Cervical Chiropractic: Making Headlines

Recently, an article and video about an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Michigan has been going viral. This approach to care is noted as revolutionary, cutting-edge, and profound. But the truth is, this is what Chiropractic has always been about: the nervous system.

When the Upper Cervical Spine is corrected specifically, the body's response can be immeasurable. Essentially, two major things happen when there is an Upper Cervical Correction:

1) The Structure: The top bone in the spinal column, also known as the Atlas or C1, is where the head rests. It is also the most freely movable bone with no interlocking articulations. Because of these reasons, as the top bone moves, the head follows.

Our body is smart, and takes this malposition of the head and will twist, contort, or compensate below to make sure that the eyes are level with the horizon (known as the righting reflex). This is a source for many musculoskeletal pain or spasm - the body's innate response to make sure you do not tip over!

These compensations are able to relax and de-compensate, once that correction is made, putting the head back over the spine in a more centered position.

2) The Neurology: Inside this special area houses the caudal brainstem, where every signal to and from the brain must pass through. These signals travel along tracts, which are literal and physical pathways through the anatomy of the spinal cord. Pressure or stress to this area can affect that nerve transmission also known as dysafferentation.

The research and physiological deductions from clearing this area is ever growing, as we merely are scratching the surface for what an effect this can have.

Today: We highlight the feature below. A brief testimonial to the types of cases that can be helped with Upper Cervical Care. It is not about back pain, it is not about neck pain, it is not about even the nervous system (although all of these are affected)! It's about ease in the system, balance, and the connection to express more LIFE!

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